Lucy Grogan founded Lucy's Love Bus in 2006, from her hospital bed at Tufts Floating Hospital for Children in Boston.

Looking at the hustle and bustle out her window, Lucy said, "Mama, we're in Chinatown, right? So, how come I can't get acupuncture here?" Acupuncture was one of the only things that relieved Lucy of the chronic pain and nausea that plagued her during treatment. Thanks to the financial support of folks in her hometown of Amesbury, MA, Lucy had consistent access to integrative therapies such as acupuncture, massage, horseback riding, art, and music therapy. Lucy learned that the integrative therapies that were so profoundly helpful to her during treatment were not covered by insurance, and therefore most children with cancer did not have access to them. She decided that when she was "done with cancer," she would make sure that all children had the same access to the helpful integrative therapies that she took advantage of during treatment.

Lucy named her organization Lucy's Love Bus, because she wanted to deliver love, comfort and quality of life to children with cancer. She felt that cure was very important, but recognized that no one was addressing the immediate suffering that she and her friends faced every day. Lucy's primary concern was to deliver comfort... until a cure. Lucy passed away only six months later, but her legacy of care and compassion live on through Lucy's Love Bus.

Here are some of the images of the kids from Lucy's Love Bus who have visited 3-Hearts Farm.



In 1974, a group of Greater Newburyport area residents who were concerned about the lack of support services available to adults with developmental disabilities and their families, founded Opportunity Works with the vision of empowering people with disabilities to experience the freedom to live, work and enjoy a valued role in society.

Opportunity Works enhances the quality of life of people with disabilities by empowering individuals and promoting a culture of dignity and respect through integration, inclusion and independence.

3-Hearts Farm has had the ongoing privilege of providing our services to Opportunity Works.  Check out the video!


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Coastal Connections, Inc. supports people with disabilities to achieve their full potential by creating personalized programs that promote living, working, learning and playing in the community.  

The agency’s mission is deeply rooted in the belief that a person with disabilities can become an essential contributing member of their community through dynamic programs that create an environment of lifelong learning.

Vocational Ventures serves nearly fifty-five individuals with mild to moderate cognitive delays.  These individual participate in a rigorous weekly schedule that includes functional academics, community based volunteer sites, public transportation training, fitness 4 days per week at the local YWCA and many community service projects.


3-Hearts Farm provides quarterly Equine retreats for cancer survivors and thrivers where they can live in the moment and focus on the present.  Horses and other therapy animals offer opportunities to bond for improved emotional well-being.  Their calming presence can reduce stress for those coping with enormous physical and emotional challenges. Physically connecting with a majestic horse offers a living connection that does not inquire as to the frail human condition but offers consistent warmth and attention.  Unfaltering, the horse will continually respond without any expectations and pure appreciation.  Participants enjoy equine based yoga and meditation, guided discussion, self-discovery and the powerful relationships between humans, horses and nature. Organic lunch and refreshments provided.   

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Registered 501c3 nonprofit,    Tax ID # 81-4418566