Ari has been with us almost since the beginning.  As a three-year-old, Ari fell in love with Max.  She has helped care for him for four years.  When Max moved to a barn south of here, Ari then fell in love with Ginger and Gi-Gi, our two new minis.  Ari likes to make the girls look fancy!

Ari now brings her little sister Vali to the barn with her.


Erika began volunteering with us after we moved to our new home in West Newbury.  She comes several times a week to help muck stalls and feed the animals.

She also volunteers at our various retreats.  During a breast cancer survivor retreat, Erika sensed that one of the women was getting emotional.  Erika asked her, "Do you need a hug?"  It was an incredibly beautiful moment that we happened to capture in the photograph above.

Speaking of photographs - Erika is a very talented photographer!  She photographs all of our animals as well as helps me to document our events at the farm.  She will help run the FILM FARM program which we hope to officially kick off next summer.

The photograph below is one of Erika's.  We feel it sums up everything we are about at 3-Hearts Farm!



Haley fell in love with Trisquit on her first visit to the farm!  She has spent a lot of time working with him as he learns to once again put his trust in human beings.  They are two gentle souls, perfectly suited for one another!

Haley also helps out at our various events on the farm.  She has become quite the horse handler!

Last year, Haley volunteered to participate in the making of one of my documentaries, ESPN's 30 for 30 Short "Locked In: The Victoria Arlen Story."

Here she is in New York and on the red carpet of the premiere of the film at the Tribeca Film Festival.


Jeffrey began volunteering at the farm about a year ago.  He made it through a very tough winter with us and he keeps coming back!

He now brings his daughter, Annabella, who is learning how to bond with the animals and do a little light riding.


Ava showed up one day for a summer program that the dates had been moved and the organization promoting the event had forgotten to let Ava's parents know.  Sensing her disappointment, we asked if she might be interested in volunteering and get to spend a lot of time with the animals.  She jumped on the opportunity and has been with us ever since.  She helps with events and general maintenance of the farm.  Ava has developed a special relationship with one of our horses, Gypsy.  

Ava's younger brother, Ronan, loves to visit the chickens when he comes with his mom to pick up his big sister.


Ava is Ilene’s daughter. A senior at Newburyport High School, Ava volunteers at our retreats. An avid animal lover, Ava’s infectious warmth is felt by all. She is especially fond of Buddy and the piggies, Zsa Zsa in particular, loves when Ava gives her belly rubs!


Elaine is the soul of the earth! The 3-Hearts Farm resident mermaid, her magical hand is always at the ready to step in and help out when we are shorthanded (particularly when Ali travels). She helps us muck stalls, feed and care for all the animals, even the chickens. She also volunteers at many of our retreats.

An avid animal lover, she volunteers at many rescue organizations. Her blind Pug, Bubbah, is beloved by all at the barn! Einstein finds him curious - especially when he is all lit up!


Meghan is a full-time yoga instructor. She has a very calming presence and has bonded with our herd, especially Trisquit, who always seeks her namaste (remember, Trisquit does his daily morning “downward dog”).

Meghan volunteers every Friday afternoon with our favorite special needs group from Opportunity Works, (Laurie, Tyler and Billy).