Ed is our lifeline here at 3-Hearts Farm!  He started with us over on Hay Street in Newbury and moved with us to our new digs in West Newbury.  He helped install 3 new barns and expanded our paddocks to make room for our ever growing family.

Ed calls or drops by to check in with us all the time.  He's saved us from many bee invasions and is always a call away.


Equine veterinarian, Dr. Sheehan started with us shortly before our move to West Newbury.  He helps keep our herd happy and healthy!

During Candy's illness, he made heroic attempts to keep her alive.  When it came time for us to make the tough decision, we asked him what he would do.  He told us to always do what's right for the animal!

This past year he was able to save Cora from a very bad cut on her knee.  After 18 stitches and weeks of being bandaged, you'd never know she had had such a bad injury.


Bill Colby keeps us supplied with hay and shavings.  We love that we are able to support our local farm!

Bill's son, JR, takes care of the removal of our manure.  It's so nice to know that the manure that is collected here is used to supply nutrients to the cornfield we can see from atop our hill.


Once a computer programmer, Mike is now a natural trimmer. Mike keeps all the hooves of our horses and donkey in great shape!


We are pleased to introduce our first official part-time staff member, Erik Alberich!