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Healing HeARTS with Horses

Healing HeARTS with Horses incorporates equine-oriented activities that contribute positively to the physical, behavioral, cognitive, emotional, and social growth of people with a variety of special needs. This program embraces the remarkable ability of the horse to empower, teach, and heal, creating opportunities for clients to strengthen important life and communication skills, boost self-confidence, trust, and self-esteem, foster patience and empathy, and facilitate personal growth. Healing Hearts with Horses provides a nurturing space working with horses in a quiet setting that roots participants in the present and creates a mindful and memorable experience.

Ongoing Weekdays individual/semi private/groups please contact us for pricing and availability.



Private/semi private /group

This program creates the learning environment for interaction with all of the animals at the farm. CAREFARM teaches care and compassion for all the animals.The program gives participants  the foundation needed to work and interact effectively with the animals.The goal is partnership and cooperation while building relationship through patience and understanding. 

Ongoing Weekdays individual/semi private/groups please contact us for pricing and availability.



Summer Camp Program

The week long program will allow participants to care for an equine of choice for the week.The program includes techniques organically established to begin to understand true partnership with the horse and begin to learn the way of the horse and horse behavior.

Groundskills include herd dynamics and observation,haltering,grooming,leading through self designed obstacle courses and riding bareback. Trailwork will also be a part of the program and participants will be responsible for all aspects of care for :their horse" for the week and keeping a "HORSEANALITY"journal that will be used to create a helpful chart for therapeutic clients and volunteers who visit the farm that will allow more thoughtful interaction with each particular horse.

Please contact us for summer program dates.


Is a week-long spring/summer/fall program that teaches kids the basics of filmmaking, allowing them to document their experiences at the farm as they bond with our ever-expanding herd of horses and other animals.  In the program, kids learn about how images (videography and photography) can be combined with sound (recorded sound, interviews, sound effects and music) through editing to tell a story.

All our animals have a story of how they came to 3 Hearts Farm. And all the kids who come here also have a story of their own.  The goal of Film Farm is to teach kids the importance of storytelling as a path toward compassion and deeper understanding of the world we share.

Kids are encouraged to explore their creativity. They can choose to make their film about their own time at the farm - which animals they bonded with and what they learned. Or, they can make their film about a specific animal or about how some of the animals interact with each other. Their films can be serious and heartfelt or they can be light and funny.  It’s up to them.

Our Film Farm graduates have so much fun, many of them volunteer to help make films for some of our special needs kids, so that they too can have their experiences at 3 Hearts Farm documented for them to share with their friends and family.

Please contact us for summer program dates.